Volume 40, No 4, 2018, Pages 515-528

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Tribological Behaviour of Smart Fluids Influenced by Magnetic and Electric Field A Review


M. Michalec, P. Svoboda*, I. Krupka, M. Hartl

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2018.40.04.01


This review paper highlights the tribological behaviour and performance of smart fluids. Two main kinds of smart fluids, that respond to a suitable external stimulus are investigated electrorheological and magnetorheological fluid. The excitation of an external active field significantly increases or decreases the fluidity, depending on the fluid type. First, the tribological behaviour of both types of smart fluids without the influence of an external field and under the external active field, respectively, are reviewed. Subsequently, the influence of external field activation on the lubricating layer is described. Finally, a summary of the most notable findings of investigated smart fluids performance and behaviour is provided. Possible future applications are then considered for smart lubricants technology and engineering devices.


Smart fluid, Electrorheological fluid, Magnetorheological fluid, Lubricant film thickness, Ionic liquids, Rheology

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