Volume 41, No 1, 2019, Pages 109-114

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Theory Reviews - Hardware and Software Support for Testing Material on Specimens of the Small Cross Section


S. Kostić* , A. Košarac , V. Luković , J. Miljojković

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2019.41.01.12


Testing techniques to obtain the mechanical properties of materials on specimens of the small cross section (miniature specimen) become the subject of numerous researches due to several advantages, in economic and organizational terms. This paper presents the model of the tensile testing device for materials on the specimens of the small cross section, its hardware and software basis. The device proved to be very reliable, so it is suitable for testing the mechanical characteristics of the material, just like the one used for the demonstration of material testing for students.


Tensile testing, Portable tensile testing machine, Miniature specimen, Stress-strain curve

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