Volume 44, No 3, 2022, Pages 518-527

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Characteristics and Abrasive Wear Resistance of Plasma Alloyed Layers Based on Tin Bronze and Chromium Carbide


Andrey Evgenievich Balanovskiy , Nguyen Van Trieu , Nguyen Van Vinh , Astafieva Natalia Anatolievna

DOI: 10.24874/ti.1274.03.22.06

Received: 21 March 2022
Revised: 21 April 2022
Accepted: 21 June 2022
Published: 15 September 2022


This paper presents a study of the characteristics and resistance to abrasive wear of surface alloyed layers during plasma heating of powder pre-coating of a mixture containing tin bronze and chromium carbide. It has been established that, depending on the composition of the mixture, the thickness of the coating, the processing mode, the resulting layers differ in structure, chemical and phase composition. The addition of chromium carbide with a mass fraction of 20% makes it possible to increase the microhardness of the alloyed layer based on tin bronze up to 700 HV with the formation of a martensitic structure. Tests for abrasive wear were carried out at a load of 5, 20, 50 N and with codirectional rotation of the holder to the abrasive wheel. The obtained results showed that the wear resistance of the Fe-Cu-Sn and Fe-Cr-C-Cu-Sn alloyed layers is higher compared to the Cu-Sn layer. In particular, the Fe-Cr-C-Cu-Sn layer is the best.


Abrasive wear, Alloyed layer, Chromium carbide, Tin-bronze, Microhardness, Structures, Plasma heating

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Volume 44
Number 3
September 2022

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