Volume 44, No 3, 2022, Pages 498-507

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Multi-Objective Optimization of Sustainable Steel AISI 1045 Turning Energy Parameters Under MQL Condition


Branislav Sredanovic , Djordje Cica ,
Stevo Borojevic , Sasa Tesic , Davorin Kramar

DOI: 10.24874/ti.1301.05.22.07

Received: 10 May 2022
Revised: 20 June 2022
Accepted: 16 July 2022
Published: 15 September 2022


Sustainable production requires reducing of production waste, energy consumption, and more efficient machining processes. However, in machining must be introduced advanced techniques for cooling and lubrication of cutting zone. An advanced techniques is minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), can be considered as a step towards sustainable machining. However, it is important to analyze cutting processes regard to energy consumption indicators, especially when machining materials that have a wide range of applications, such AISI 1045. In this study, the influence of process parameters on turning energy performance during turning of mentioned steel under MQL lubrication conditions were investigated. Full experiment plan was used, ANOVA was used for effect analyze, and RSM was used for modelling. Multi-objective optimization of process parameters, based on minimizing energy indicators, was performed. Procedure was defined cutting speed of 210 m/min, depth of cut of 1.5 mm, and feed rate of 0.224 mm/rev as optimal parameters. These parameters and MQL conditions can be used to get minimum energy indicators in AISI 1045 turning, especially in large-scale production.


Minimum quantity lubrication, Response surface methodology, Genetic algorithm, Optimization

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